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How We Got Our Start

Penn Barrel was started in 1908 by Eli Weiner.  At the time, it was called Penn Barrel and Cooperage Company.

It was located in a field on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh, just up from the produce yards know as "The Strip District".  In those days, most of the barrels were made of wood.  A person who cleaned and repaired wooden barrels was know as a Cooper.

Eli eventually brought his son-in-law into the business, Ben Kaufman.  He taught him the skills needed to be a Cooper and how the business worked.

In the early 70's, Ben hired his son, Ron Kaufman to join his team.  Ron had worked many summers with his father and was already familiar with how the barrel business worked.

In 1996, Ron hired his son, Adam Kaufman to mold him as the forth generation in this long term family business.  Adam, just like his father worked every summer in the business and loved it from the beginning.

Adam is the current owner/president and has brought what is now know as Penn Barrel, Inc. to a whole new level.

Penn Barrel, Inc. reconditions poly drums of all sizes and 55 gallon steel open head drums using the latest technology.  The steel drum equipment keeps Penn Barrel compliant with all local and federal agencies.

With over 110 years supplying the Drum Industry, we take great pride in customer service and on time deliveries.

We have a salesman who has been in the industry for over 30 years, and is always available to help customers

with any concerns and demands that need to be addressed.

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